Charity Digital Resources

brochure_frontOn this page we aim to list some of our Charity Digital resources that hopefully will allow you to see a clearer path for your Charity or social enterprise, these include the following:

  • GrowMyCharity brochure
  • Join our private facebook group
  • Recent synopsis of our seminars
  • and other things we feel relevant

To download a copy of our brochure please simply complete the form below and one will be emailed straight to your inbox.

New brochure on its way so form temporarily not available (July 17)

All our recent events have been listed on eventbrite and our organiser page on eventbrite can be found here.

As you would expect we are active on facebook and we’d love you to join our page which you can find here, please click like to keep yourself updated with all our activity..

Also we have a private facebook group with you can apply to join here

Finally a synopsis of some of Alistair’s Charity presentations are on SlideShare …