“I recently attended a seminar delivered by Alistair on social media for charities. He was an excellent presenter, had a very good understanding of the challenges facing the third sector and provided some very useful insight into how we can make better use of this opportunity to help increase support.”

Carrie, Community Development Manager, NSPCC

“Alistair provided two Social Media Training sessions for my team which we found thought provoking, insightful, and extremely useful for developing the way we use Social Media. It has changed the way we work. Thank you Alistair!”

Kate Few-Singh, Director of Income Generation at Hospiscare

“Alistair is a confidence and energetic advocate for the effective use of social media. His training is packed full of useful, practical and insightful lessons that have improved the way that I and the many charities that I work with are using social media and on-line tools to raise awareness and raise vital funds in a competitive and difficult market place.

If you have chance to work with Alistair, have the opportunity to listen to his training or want to see how he can help your charity harness the power of the web then do it! I am confident that you will not be disappointed!”

Paul Courtney, Chair of Institute of Fundraising – South West Region

‘Alistair’s concise approach to social media awareness & exposure within the third sector, coupled with his underlying knowledge of the strategies required by charities to succeed make him an interesting and informative speaker on the subject‘

Ashley, St Loyes

“I recently attended a seminar at Dame Hannah’s near Newton Abbot on the subject of Online Marketing which was presented by Alistair. I never really thought such things would affect our Charitable Company but this seminar certainly opened my eyes! I very much appreciate his advice and have no reservation in recommending him to others.”

Geoffrey, The Devon & Cornwall Food Association

“Alistair had brilliant ideas in regard to optimising our online presence in regards to social media at bibic. He really helped me understand the optimisation aspects of Facebook marketing and other interactivity points involved between our followers.

Really informative and a pleasure to workwith..”

Scott Dolby, BIBIC

“As a Community Fundraiser for St Loye’s Foundation, it’s vital for me to stay ahead of the game in the dynamic world of social media and Alistair has helped me to do this. I can fully recommend his services and am happy to answer any questions you may have.”

Phil, St Loyes

“The presentation was informative, though provoking and very amusing. He is a fantastic presenter and obviously knows his stuff really well!”

Amanda Booth