Comfortable winter sloth ? …

Comfortable winter sloth ? …

It only seems like yesterday I was writing about the upcoming summer hols, now the wheel has turned and there’s a nip in the air – autumn has arrived. The countryside has changed, the fields so recently full of bowing corn, are now filled with huge circular bales. Some have even been ploughed, re-planted and the crops are already casting a faint green fuzz over the landscape. The equinox has passed and we enter the dark half of the year. Winter is just around the corner, and for those of you who dare peek a little further, so is Christmas !

It seems to me that the best antidote for letting ourselves mirror the general feel at this time of year and slipping dangerously into a comfortable lethargy is to directly combat the feeling of sloth that comes over us all at this time of year, completely naturally of course.

“The antidote please” I hear you mutter, not your nutty ramblings and seasonal comparisons!

The antidote is simple, business !
Get busy right now ….. Plan ! in fact plan on making this one of your most successful winters yet which will allow you to move into next spring and summer totally ahead of the game and therefore plan you way to success right at the time of year all else is winding down and increase your own share of the future.

Not sure how to start ?

If your charity is one of those that do have peak times, then right now is the time to start planning  out those times of feast and famine!

We at now exactly how to get you more business at this time of year and how to increase your market share if that’s what you need to do .

Contact us today and find out just what we can do to help you move your charity forward to the next phase .

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