Why outsourcing your “charity brand” is a no brainer

Why outsourcing your “charity brand” is a no brainer

A Charity brand is a powerful communication tool for any charity, it is the signature that everyone associates with your charity, a symbol of ownership that is easily recognized by your target audience.  Your Charity Brand is also then applied to all of your communication material, everything from fundraising posters, to your twitter feed and the signage on your charity shops.  So when this charity brand is designed with thought and skill it can be so much more; an insight into what makes you different, what makes you special and makes your charity brand stand out from the rest.

One of the most common problems that occurs when assessing a charity brand is that the very person who is responsible for maintaining this charity brand can be the very person who is “too close” often having been the very one, who, over the years have nursed their “baby” into being.

However, those that bring charities into life do so because at the time of the inception the idea of the said charity was to serve a specific purpose and once that initial objective has been reached the stated aim of the charity might change slightly to encompass other objectives.

It is at this stage that the steering committee of the charity needs to look at the possibility and logical next step to “grow” the charity, taking this one small step can pay such huge future dividends.

Why not contact us and see how we can help steer you through this tricky time.

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