A charitable cause needs an accurate plan every day…

A charitable cause needs an accurate plan every day…

Being involved with trying to motivate people within organisations to be proactive in their approach to life and work, especially within charitable causes has made me concentrate with as much accuracy as possible on what’s important, be it in life ( my own or others) professionally or even in someone else’s organisation and as such I use certain small encouragements to myself on a daily basis, here’s one of my favourites.

If it’s to be then it’s up to me !

I must have heard this quote 20 years ago and I can’t  remember where exactly, however it not only struck a chord with me it obviously made a lasting impression, I’m pretty sure it was not the person who said it at the time that made the my memory commit this saying to the vault of useful phrases I keep subconsciously tucked away, but the message contained in these craftily arranged words!

Such simple words, I’m sure anyone would agree, I mean look at them, the longest one is only four letters long, wow ! I never really analysed before but now I’m writing this and it’s making me look at those really small words I’m quite taken aback that they can convey so much when put together in this sequence ” if it’s to be ! its up to me” and it’s true ‘I’ or self is the only person who can truly make “it” happen, not only professionally but in all aspects of life.

The fact is we all spend so much time procrastinating ( coming up with excuses) we don’t actually grasp the nettle and make action the watchword of our everyday activity.  That’s not to say we don’t do lots of activity every day it’s just the activity could be spent progressively doing the things inch by inch that will bring us the successes we aspire to.

The message is therefore – plan your success then take action towards your success, every single day!

After a while all those small steps will have added up to the sum total of your plan… Start TODAY …….

Contact us and take the first of those little steps today to the large success your charity future could be

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