Charity, charity, charity……..

Charity, charity, charity……..

Oh my god not another charity !

That is exactly what most members of the public think, that is exactly what YOUR customers think, your lifeblood … Without these people you don’t have a charity anymore and with so many charities out there competing for the donation pound the only charities that grow are the charities that have an edge.  Sounds awful doesn’t it ! But it is the truth.

In today’s economic climate most folks are tired out from being asked for money …. They get it from all directions day in day out and to be frank they are tired of it. That is not to say the great British public won’t give anymore, quite the contrary. Britons are some of the most generous people in Europe, we know this, they will continue to give no matter what. But the fact remains that they are charity weary and so choose much more carefully where their charity pound goes.

That brings me right back to the beginning, to charities needing an edge! is that edge.

If you run a charity and need to increase your market share then you should contact us today.

It costs nothing for a phone call to discuss your options and how you and your charity can be grown by us for the benefit of your good cause, which at the end of the day is all that matters.

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