Hooray its that “Good Friday” feeling

Hooray its that “Good Friday” feeling

At this time of year ….. More even than at the Christmas celebration holidays is the time of new beginnings..
I know that all sounds a bit evangelical,  however just hear me out for a minute because it’s not as crazy as it sounds.

We have just had the spring equinox ( for those of you who are shaking their heads) this is the beginning of spring, the days will get longer so much faster from here on in like you just won’t believe.

We are just going into the Easter weekend with all the new beginnings that festival is about and then to top it all off the Easter bunny is going to be round dropping off loads of the stuff of life for us Chocolate.  Hooray for new beginnings! Hooray for spring and double hooray for Easter and for chocolate!

In all of that have any of you wondered just what impact all this has on your charity?  We have and as a professional charity advisory enterprise we treat it as “our” new beginning and have a spring clean….

What this means is that in practical terms we look at all our procedures and policies and see if there is anything we can improve on for you , usually the answer is no !  We really do do the very best we can at all times to increase our client charities market share.

So why don’t you make this Easter your very own “new beginning” and contact us today to see just how effective we can be in growing your charity.

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