How can a Charity get the best out of YouTube?

How can a Charity get the best out of YouTube?

By creating a Charity YouTube video, you can show people exactly what your charity does and you may even inspire a few new people to support or donate to your cause too.

Many people may be put off using YouTube because they are worried about the complexities of making a video. But, thanks to a range of new apps and sites, making a video has never been easier. So, if you want to help raise awareness make a video, post it on YouTube and you could find a whole host of new supporters.

The reasons why charities make videos are endless, but if you are looking for a few ideas, we can help you with a few great first topics. Firstly we would recommend creating a video that shows the impact your charity is having. If your audience can see where their money will go, it may encourage them to donate. Secondly, you could explain exactly what you charity is for and what it aims to achieve. Thirdly, you could create a video to try and recruit volunteers or encourage more people to donate and finally, you can create a video sharing the history and story of your charity so far.

As we mentioned previously, YouTube is a great place to host your videos. YouTube allows you to do many things like; creating your own channel, you can let people subscribe so they never miss a video, and you can also find out who has watched your video.

In this post, apart from giving you ideas on what to share in your videos we also wanted to share with you our top tips for any charity using YouTube. The platform could be a key part of your marketing strategy so make sure you take complete advantage.

So, after you have done all the basics like set up a YouTube account, you will be ready to host your first video. Before you allow your video to be viewed by the public, it is important you do a little administration. It is vitally important that you give your video a title, a description and of course some keyword tags. By completing all this information, you will be helping more people find your video.

Next we would suggest that you start subscribing to other relevant channels. Not only will this give you some inspiration, but it will also help you learn what does and doesn’t do well. You may also find that by doing this more people will subscribe to your channel.

When it comes to getting subscribers for yourself, you can use any alternative social media channels to announce that you now have YouTube but, you can also ask any partner organisations to subscribe to your channel as a way to start your following.

Once you have got into the swing of things, you can then start to customise your channel. You can add your logo and some images to help your channel be recognised and stand out from the crowd. However, don’t get too creative on your channel, the theme or branding should reflect your website so people instantly know you are the same charity. If it looks too different, people may become confused.

Finally YouTube have their own YouTube program that can help and guide your non profit organisation through this process.

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