Twitter: How to craft more engaging tweets

Twitter: How to craft more engaging tweets

Many charities have jumped on the Twitter bandwagon and use the site to raise awareness for their cause. Twitter has so many benefits for charities, for example it is a popular channel, it is used by people of all ages, it is incredibly easy to use and finally, it is a great way to communicate with your audience and stakeholders.

But, have you ever thought about the quality of your tweets? Do you think they could be better? Maybe you want to engage with your audience more or maybe you just want people to discover more about your charity. In this post we help you write more engaging tweets so your charity can reap the rewards.

This may be incredibly obvious, but it is important that your charity uses hashtags. If you do use hashtags, then great. If you do not, why not? Hashtags are a great way for people to make a connection with a group of people. It will help you gain new followers and will help your posts reach more people.

For those that do use hashtags, how many are you currently using? We like to think three is the maximum amount, but any more than this in one post and you could be seen as spammy and annoying. If you do use them, make sure you use them either at the end or beginning of your tweet or in context if you can.

When you use the retweet function, make sure you add your voice. Don’t just stay silent. Add your charity opinion so people know why you think that message was worth sharing.

Make sure that when you post you include images, it has been proven that posts with an image do much better than those that do not so, why would you not include one? Plus pictures can help enhance our message or break up lots of text.

Identify Your Audience
As we mentioned, Twitter has a huge audience so it is important to direct your message to your targeted audience. If you want to speak to nurses, make sure you identify them, if you want to talk to teenagers, again mention that this post is for teenagers. You want your post to stand out from the crowd and reach the intended audience. By identifying who your targeted audience is, you will be much more successful.

Finally, make sure your social media account has a personality. On twitter people do not want to just see donation requests or boring news. Start discussions, respond to comments or queries and reach out directly to those that have an interest in your cause.

The great thing about twitter is that you can read what your audience is thinking, so use it as a networking opportunity and take the time to engage in a conversation with your audience. Follow these simple rules and your charity will benefit from the increased engagement.

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