five smart ways to grow your charity facebook page

five smart ways to grow your charity facebook page

A question I often get asked is ‘how can we get the most out of your Charity Facebook page?’.  And if thats what you’re thinking that you are not alone. With so many active users there can be no doubt that facebook is a very attractive social network for any charity.  So if you have a Charity facebook page just because you think you should then, you need to learn how to get the most out of your Facebook page and these five smart ways to grow your charity facebook page

  • Use the call to action button in the page header

Facebook pages can now have a call to action button on the page header of the image you use. The first thing to check is if the button has been enabled by Facebook, if it has then you will see the button “Create Call to Action” on the bottom right of your Facebook page header. The best thing to do here is to split test what call to action results in the most enquries, likes and page website visits. In my experience this is usually something like ‘book now, ‘shop now, or ‘contact us’.

  • Offer something exclusive just for your facebook friends

You really need to try and give people a reason to come back again and again to your Facebook page and one good way to do this is share giveaways and special offers that expire within a fixed time of posting. If you then make the fans of your page have a winner among submissions of fans (e.g. the best selfie at your charity event) then you will gain even more engagement.

  • Run a contest

Please dont forget that one of the principal reasons so many people spend so much time on Facebook is because for them it is entertaining. So why not harness this and curate funny photo’s and then run a caption contest to keep fans entertained and attract new people to your page. You could also offer an exclusive tour of your facility by the Chief Exec for example, but dont forget that any contests that you offer do not need to result in any direct financial reward such as discounts or freebies- they could just be highlighting the winner.

  • Interact with other facebook pages

A poorly used feature by any facebook page manager is the ability to comment as your page on other facebook pages and then “like” pages of your supporters and corporate supporter.  You should be doing this as liked or tagged pages will often times return the favor and mention or like your page in return, which is free cross-promotion. Also any pages you like with your own page can be displayed on the left hand side as vertical tab, for our facebook page we like Gleave Media and Shien Charity Recruitment.

  • Celebrate your Charity achievements

A great benefit for any charity is increase the feeling of community and you can do this by posting stuff that is relevant to the demographic of the people that like your page, so make sure you use Insights to drill down on these key statistics.  By doing this you increase chances that these fans feel addressed and click like or comment which then results in your post on their timelines.

So there you have it the five smart ways to grow your Charity Facebook Page, if you haven already please head over to our facebook page and click LIKE .  If you need help growing your charity facebook page or for that matter your charity social media then please dont hesitate to get in touch for a no obligation chat.  You can find our contact details on the website here and download our free brochure from the website here.

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