Charity social media, why should you bother?

Charity social media, why should you bother?

Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter are a fantastic way for charities to increase their awareness with the public. For charities, increased awareness brings many positives such as donations and engagement and of course it doesn’t take a genius to realise that increased donations will help a charity achieve what it has been set up to do.

The quickest way to get someone to engage with your charity in 2015 is by sending a post to a social media channel. Nowadays, even people that aren’t on social media can read about things that have happened on theses sites. This is because the news often report about things they have seen on social media and, lots of online content sites pick up stories from social channels too. This means that even if your target audience is not affiliated with any social media channel, they may still hear about your post from other sources. There is no way to escape social media in 2015, but this is a great thing for charities. You can reach everyone.

As already mentioned, Charity social media can also help you raise much needed funds. By using a well thought about hashtag, by roping in some celebrity support or by starting a catchy campaign, you can help your charity get the attention it deserves. A campaign that goes viral could lead to more donations than you could have ever imagined. A recent example of when a campaign went viral on social media is the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’. Before the campaign started, few people would have been aware of ALS and now many people are aware of the cause and have donated too.

We have touched on the fact that social media can reach everyone and we just wanted to reinforce this message by explaining that social media is also used by everyone. Many people may be under the impression that it is only used by young people, but this is not true. Some social channels are more popular with younger people, but many channels (like Facebook and Twitter) have members across a range of ages.

Many charities may avoid social media because they are frightened of receiving negative comments, opinions or feedback. This should not be a reason why you dismiss it. Even if you do receive negative comments, you can take the time to respond and deal with it publicly. You may even find it useful, as you may want to change some aspects of your charity based on feedback.

However, you can also use social media to convert people to your way of thinking. Do not get us wrong, there will always be a couple of people that you can not talk round, but at least if you respond in a mature way people will still take you very seriously.

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