Developing your charity engagement using its Facebook page

Developing your charity engagement using its Facebook page

Once you understand the benefits of establishing a Facebook page for your charity, the next step is to start developing your charity engagement using its Facebook page. You might accomplish this in a variety of ways, from building a community to offering page visitors content that is relevant. The following are five of the top ways to make your charity grow by maximizing its Facebook page.

1. Build a Community

In order to make the most of your Facebook page, you’ll need to attract as many visitors to your page as possible. Be sure to offer a “Like” button on your charity’s website. This button will draw people who visit your site to your Facebook page. The people who “Like” your charity may be likely to support it after visiting its Facebook page, since they were interested enough to visit your website and Facebook page for information on it.

2. Offer Incentives to Visitors

If you offer incentives to those who “Like” your Facebook page, you may attract more people to donate than you suspected you could. One option might be to offer a free hat or mug that displays the logo of your charity. Another possibility is to offer a coupon from a local corporate supporter, maybe a restaurant or attraction to the first fifty people who “Like” your page (you may be able to obtain the coupons in exchange for the free advertising that the coupons will provide for the supporter).

3. Provide Content That Is Relevant

Once people are visiting your Facebook page, they will be more apt to return if they find relevant content there. Update information as often as possible. Provide page visitors with text and photos that will inspire them to volunteer or make donations.

4. Pay Attention to Trends

Don’t forget to monitor the activity on your charity’s Facebook page. You can use the tools provided by Facebook to view the habits and trends of your page visitors. Then, you can match your marketing campaign to reflect the preferences of your audience.

5. Delegate When Necessary

Delegating the work of updating and maintaining your Facebook page is perfectly acceptable, and it may even be advisable. You might employ someone within your organization to do such work for you. You may also wish to hire a third party with experience in social media campaigns.

Growing your charity can be fun, especially if you know which online tools are worth employing. Establishing a Facebook page for your charity is a great place to start. Once the page is established, you can use it to increase interest and awareness in your cause.

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