Why a Charity Facebook page is the right engagement tool for your Charity

Why a Charity Facebook page is the right engagement tool for your Charity

FacebookWith over 100 billion Facebook users worldwide, it comes as no surprise that using this social media platform to get the word out about your business, product or a charity cause is extremely effective. Facebook has thousands of pages and groups dedicated to different causes or charities. With charities ranging from animals, disabilities, funding individuals in need and child welfare, Facebook has allowed for a charity facebook page to become more prominent and noticed by a vast number of people.

Regardless of the charity you want to bring awareness to, Facebook has various tools which enable you to increase engagement with the public, as well as allowing you to monitor this engagement with Facebook page data analysis. Choosing a Facebook page as opposed to a group would be more beneficial to a charity as it provides you with more tools to adjust your aims and goals. These tools include:


Facebook insights allow you to track almost every aspect of engagement on your page. This includes the age and gender your page attracts, the posts that receive the most activity (Likes and views), and even days of the week and times of day that people visit your page the most. These analytics allow you to see what is working well for your page, so that you can expand on it, while you can work on those aspects that don’t work quite as well.


The aim of any charity is to create awareness. The more awareness, the more likely you will receive support in the form of donations and funding. Making use of Facebook advertising is a wonderful tool to let people know about your cause, particularly those who don’t already know about it. With Facebook advertising you can choose your own budget, the target audience you would like to focus on, and how long you would like your ad to run for.


Facebook is all about interaction between people. Using Facebook allows you to interact with potential supporters of your charity, by conversing through statuses, posts and allows you to answer any queries quickly, as opposed to interacting via email. You can always have more than one administrator on your page, so that there is always someone keeping an eye on things.

These are just a few of the great benefits of using Facebook as an engagement tool for your charity. You can also share photos, create charity events, and hold competitions and raffles quickly and easily, without having to go through tedious paperwork and administration. If you want to optimise awareness of your cause, create a Facebook page and reap the benefits.

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