Why social media can be a force for good in the charity sector

Why social media can be a force for good in the charity sector

Social media is a very valuable tool for individuals and organisations alike. Putting social media to a good use by highlighting and bringing awareness to charities in the UK can prove to be very beneficial. Many people hear the names of charities, or may see volunteers collecting money at certain points, but those who choose to donate or not donate, do so without a full understanding of the cause.

Having Social Media Presence

The best way of making a charity more transparent and hopefully bring in more donations, would be in the form of creating a social media presence, such as on Facebook or Twitter. A page created and run by the charity can provide the general public full information about the charitable work undertaken, its needs, and the utilisation of funds. Such an engagement provides the users a more personal experience and insight into the operations of the charity, hence creating credibility and encouraging donations.

Creating an Interactive Space

Social media can also be used to keep the stakeholders updated on events, such as charity runs, as well as for sending out pleas for the donation of specific items, such as blankets for an animal rescue charity. Features, such as dog of the month, will create exposure and increase the likelihood of a certain animal being given a new home.

There are so many ways in which using social media to bring to light the needs and aims of UK charities can be effective, as opposed to simply hearing an organisation’s name and assuming what it is about. The more followers a page receives, the more exposure the charity will get, consequently increasing the chances for donations and support. Social media has become the perfect tool for promoting charities.

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