The Brand Festival: Expert Brand Advice for charities

The Brand Festival: Expert Brand Advice for charities

As the environment gets more challenging for charities, the need for clarity and consistency in your communication is greater than ever. Whether you’re talking to your service users, supporters, funders or the public, it’s important that your message stands out, and you make an impact.

With that in mind we’re hosting a Brand Festival, from 16th-20th March. It’s been created to help ambitious organisations develop a competitive edge, so you can reach new audiences, win new contracts and raise your profile.


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The theme for our first festival is “How to Build A Winning Brand”. We want to show people how to build a brand that makes a difference. To do that we’ve asked experts to share their knowledge and their experience, so that we can put it online to educate and inspire others. We’ll look at the importance of defining and communicating your mission; why building a community around your organization is so important; and how to be more competitive when it comes to securing funding.

The Brand Festival gives you the opportunity to get insight on the key issues from expert advisors in the charity sector, as well as the chance to read how individuals leading other charities are facing up to the challenges before them.

We wanted to remove some of the barriers associated with events like this – the cost of attending and taking time out of the office. So everything will take place online, allowing you to visit from wherever you are, at a time that suits you. And it’s all free.

The Brand Festival is for people who are passionate about what they do, and serious about taking action. We want to help people leading organizations make better decisions – whether you’ve been leading your organisation for years, or you’ve just started. Whatever stage you’re at in your journey, we hope the Brand Festival will help you to take your next step.

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