Charity Facebook Pages, are you using the right one?

Charity Facebook Pages, are you using the right one?

Charity Facebook Pages and how they are best used is a very a common issue we are asked about, as quite often the obvious isn’t the best choice, let me explain.

When you create a facebook page on facebook you are presented with 6 clear choices, these for some organisations make it clearly obvious the route they need to follow for other it isnt that clear, so let me explain….

Option 1 – If you have a ‘bricks and mortar’ single shop and people are able physically visit you, then you need to click the ‘Local Business or Place’ page type, then if the categories don’t suit you exactly then just pick ‘local business’ as a category.

Option 2 – ‘Company, Organization or Institution’ page is best for those businesses that don’t want/need people to visit a premises (or only if you choose to give them your address) – or if you have multiple physical locations for people to visit.

Option 3 – The ‘Brand or Product page’ is relevant if you sell products via multiple websites/resellers/retailers.

Option 4 – If your page is about you or if you’re an artist or a band, then the ‘Artist, Band or Public Figure’ page will be best.

Option 5 – An ‘Entertainment’ page is relevant if you are a TV programme, film, book, radio station or magazine, for example.

Option 6 – ‘Cause or Community’ is a bit different and this is where mistakes and errors can happen as there are no sub-categories to choose from.  My advice if you are a not-for-profit or charity organisation, is that it is usually best to decide between ‘Local Business or Place’ or ‘Company Organization or Institution’ page types instead.

The problem with setting up a community page is that although a cause/community page is used for general topics – people ‘like’ these pages but they aren’t run by a single author and don’t generate news feed stories, so I would suggest not suitable for an organisation that wants to generate traffic and engagement.

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