Google Enhanced and the changes for your non profit organisation

Google Enhanced and the changes for your non profit organisation

With all the changes happening in social search it seems just right that Google should catch up and they have been doing a lot since the recent search updates to make all the Google offerings work better in this ever increasing web based world we live in.

So what is changing you may ask?

Google Adwords – on July 22nd Google enhanced will go live allowing you to target you ads on time of day, location and type of device being used, so for example a restaurant may want to target desktops in the morning but as people are out and abotu after work move to targeting more localized mobile devices later in the afternoon/evening.

Google Shopping – this happened earlier in the year with changes to a website’s merchant feeds and bringing them into the Adwords account so now in effect all is run through one account as apposed to two previously.

Google Nonprofits – as a non profit you can also now access a multitude of premium feature from Google, including YouTube, Google earth and numerous Apps.

Google Grants – We always mention this as any approved non profit can have access to upto $10,000 (£6.5k) worth of advertising on the Google network – they are now rolling a renewal program so if you already take advantage of this make sure you renew or you may loose this ‘free’ advertising.

So here you have it some really important changes on the Google network for all non profit organisations, is your non profit taking advantage of any of these?

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