three best practices for improving engagement on charity facebook pages

three best practices for improving engagement on charity facebook pages

I have written numerous times about the need to really embrace what facebook can offer any charity.  If it is used well quite simply facebook is the largest social network in the world and your charity engagement can benefit hugely from this social networks reach on any charity facebook page. So these are our three top tips for engaging your audience on your charity facebook page

One – Post succinct content

There is nothing worse than a long diatribe of words that goes on and on and on and on, would you read it all? No I thought not so why does your charity write so much in every update, keep it short and sweet if it needs to be longer then link people off to your website where they can read more, see the pictures etc. A good guideline on length is 3 lines or around 250 characters or less – according to facebooks’ own stats these see approximately 60% more likes, share and comments than updates that are longer than this.

Two – Great photos and videos

Stunning imagery will bring more attention to any updates than just text alone and indeed by facebooks’ own figures posts including a photo album, a picture or video will generate about 180%, 120% and 100% more engagement than the average post respectively.

Three – update often

This should be self explanatory, update often, the more you post updates, images etc the more you are at the forefront of a audiences mind, so keep it up and post regularly.

Its always worth mentioning as well that you can always ask a question of your audience or a favoured way to get users to engage is asking your audience to fill in the blank… i.e. start a sentance and ask your audience to complete it…..

So here you have it our thee top tips for engaging your Charity audience on Facebook and improving engagement on your charity facebook page, follow these are you will definitely be on the right track, if we can help then please don’t hesitate to get in touch through the website here.

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