How to create a facebook page for your Charity

How to create a facebook page for your Charity

Facebook is a superb tool for getting real engagement with your supporters, as the largest social network in the world with more connected users, do it right and your charity can only benefit.

1. Goto the URL

2. Choose the classification – for you this is likely to be Cause or Community or maybe Company organisation or institution.  This classification is important as to how your page ranks and how relevant it is when people search on facebook.

3. Enter all the information as required that covers your charity, things like logo, website URL and some information in the ‘About’ section.

4. In the section ‘Edit info’ you want to add the information about your charity and more in depth if possible, make sure you add the email address and photos.

5. Spread the word about your charity page using the tools facebook give you, these include invite your friends, tell fans, post updates and promote this page on your website.

You are now live, be sure to update the page on a regular basis with engaging content – we shall follow this with later updates.

Finally head to and see our facebook page, don’t forget to click LIKE at the top of the page.

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