Our guide to getting your PR into newspapers and on Radio and TV by Mark Tyler

Our guide to getting your PR into newspapers and on Radio and TV by Mark Tyler

This is our guide to getting your good news into newspapers and on Radio and TV, this is Part one.

Identifying what makes a good news story?

Here is your check list.

1.   NEW

This may be obvious, but it must something that’s just happened.  Don’t wait too long to let everyone know about it

2.   LOCAL

Make sure you emphasise the local angle for the publication you’re aiming at


Will this story be absorbing to read/hear/see. Be creative with your delivery (but don’t lie !)


Will readers/listeners/viewers be able to associate with the story? For example, will it impact on their lives or community.


Does the story lend itself to an interview or two. A story with nice quotes is always much better


These are the current buzz words. Any story that can bring a human ‘face’ to it will appeal more to an Editor


If your story contains some well chosen practical examples it will have a much better chance of being used. ie A fund raising total works better if you explain what it can actually buy


Extremely important. Provide good ones yourself if possible, but ensure they are available directly to media as well

If you tick most of the above boxes, your story should have a good chance of being used.

In Part 2, we’ll discuss the golden rules of writing a press release and distribution…

About the Author

The founder of Sound & Vision Media and has enjoyed a varied broadcasting career in radio and television with the BBC and ITV, working on network and regional programmes. He was latterly head of sport for ITV Westcountry where he also presented their flagship nightly news programme. Mark is now a much sought-after conference host.  http://www.savmedia.co.uk

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