This is what Alistair and I are doing with Grow My Charity – collaborating.  It’s true meaning is “working together to achieve a goal” but I would add some extra words –  “people from two different organisations working together to achieve a goal”.  The impact of having people from different organisations, companies, charities, nations working together has great potential.  Obviously there has to be an agreed goal and a common aim to ensure that people work well together, a meeting of minds if you like, but think what can be achieved.  If you increase the amount of creative thought, energy and enthusiasm you put into a project it’s not unreasonable to expect great results.

Recently St Loyes Foundation and Exeter Drugs Project combined forces to jointly employ an HR Manager, neither organisation required a full-time person for their role and they had similar workforce issues.  Their offices are only a couple of hundred yards apart!  Obviously, this type of collaboration requires careful planning and a clear understanding of how the relationship is going to work for it to be successful.

I am currently working with a Gloucester-based Recruitment Consultant who is working on a senior vacancy with a Somerset-based charity- roughly half way between her and me.  We work in a very similar way and we trust each other and so we have agreed our recruitment process and how the fee structure will work and between us we stand a much better chance of filling the vacancy, especially as we are competing against much larger recruitment firms.

Alistair and I are looking forward to collaborating with others in the charity sector to provide  great services, exciting events, lively discussion and already we have Mark Tyler of SAV Media and Anita Newcombe of Anita Newcombe Public Relations on board to contribute to the site.

Long live collaboration!


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