Why your Charity needs a YouTube account

If you are a Charity and want to use the power of YouTube to connect with your supports through this incredibly popular visual medium then YouTube can help through its non-profit program that over four distinct program benefits.

  1. premium branding and increased upload capability
  2. you will be listed on the not for profit channels and video pages on YouTube
  3. you can add calls to action overlayed on the video, so you have space to add a message and YouTube encourage you to do just that.
  4. finally you have the option to ask ‘the crowd’ so you could for instance asked an expert YouTuber to create a video just for your charity.

As with all YouTube content there are some basic rules to follow;

  • Upload videos that get the viewers watching and talking, then ensure you answer any responses you get.
  • Upload content regularly, much like your website don’t let it go stale.
  • Don’t forget to embed the code for the video across other platform, news, blog and Twitter to name but three.
  • And finally be yourself, if you are fake then you will be found out!

You can find out more on http://www.youtube.com/nonprofits


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